Book Checkout and Renewal

Students and staff – the holidays are upon us once again.  As we prepare for winter break, please remember to return or renew any books that you may have out to avoid fines.  Late books accrue a $.05 fine for each day that they are late, up to $5.00.  Unpaid fines result in a hold on your account, that prevents you from fun school activities including parking privileges, prom, and graduation.

And of course, stop by any time to stock up on reading materials for the upcoming break!


Library Computer Use

The renovated library now has 58 computers available for student use.  Students are welcome to use these computers when they come to the library with their classes, or when they come to the library with teacher permission.  Students are welcome to use the computers on an individual basis as long as there is space.  Teachers who have booked the space have first use of the computers.

Teachers are reminded that they MUST schedule visits with Miss Lehman and Mrs. Kline before coming to the library.  We will try our best to schedule your for your preferred time, but planning ahead and booking early is the best bet.